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Thoddoo is considered one of the largest agricultural producers in the country and is known primarily for sweet watermelons. Thoddoo offers magnificent turquoise beaches and numerous tropical trees along the coast, connecting with multiple paths that lead directly to the sea. The island is quite large and the best way to discover it is by bike. During the morning or afternoon, you can tour the island to see the farmers and the typical life of the island.


Thoddoo Island is located in the Alif Alif Atoll, northwest of the capital Male and at a distance of approximately 67.51 km. Thoddoo is approximately 2 km long and 1 km wide.Thoddoo offers approximately more than 30 budget guesthouses and hotels, surrounded by warm turquoise waters and lush marine life. Unlimited options for snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, island hopping excursions and visits to the sandbank.

The island is considered one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the country, and is known mainly for its sweet watermelons, fruits and vegetables. With a population of approximately 1800 people, the Green Island is connected to Malé by regular public ferries and speedboats. The residents of Thoddoo are friendly and very hospitable people, with a great interest in passing on the history of their island to their visitors.

Ubicación Thoddoo
Ubicación Thoddoo


Thoddoo tourist beach is one of the most beautiful and iconic in the country, where you can admire the breathtaking sunsets over the Indian Ocean. The bikini beach has a separate entrance through plantations and orchards, and throughout its length it is dressed in dense vegetation with many shady spots and hammocks for guests. Along the beach line there are also some simple loungers with free umbrellas. The sugar-white sand is very soft and does not heat up in the sun, allowing you to walk barefoot along the shore without the risk of children burning their feet. The swimming beach area is surrounded by buoys, followed by a coral reef that abounds with colorful marine life and is ideal for snorkeling. Inside the buoys you can swim safely in crystal clear waters, while the outer space is suitable for water sports, including motorized ones.

Thoddoo Beach
Thoddoo Beach
Thoddoo Beach


On the island you can find outpatient service, pharmacy, local school and two mosques. Most of the restaurants are located in each hotel. As in the whole country, the totalitarian religion is Islam and its rules and laws must be respected. Thoddoo also has a some smal markets and a large supermarket where you can buy all the necessary products if you want something else, drinks, ice cream or sweet.

Mosque at Thoddoo
Shop at Thoddoo
School at Thoddoo
Boduberu at Thoddoo


The beauty of the underwater world and his amazing habitants can be admired from the surface of the water. The experience of snorkeling in the Maldives is something not to be missed. Thoddoo Reef features a multi-colored palette of bright and healthy corals with schools of colorful fish, sea turtles and manta rays.Many Thoddoo hotels offer daily snorkeling at the best spots on North Ari Atoll, located around Thoddoo, depending on the weather and season. However, observing the best marine creators such as turtles, sharks or manta rays always requires an element of luck and it will never be guaranteed that these animals will appear in the right place and time.

The most popular excursions are Manta Point and Turtle Safari. Both sites are 20 minutes by boat from Thoddoo and offer exciting snorkeling with manta rays or sea turtles.

It is very interesting to take an agricultural tour around the entire island and appreciate the meticulous cultivation work with the locals, with the possibility of growing herbs and vegetables throughout the tour.

In addition, you can perform differents activities such as diving, snorkeling excursions, jetski, wakeboarding, water skiing, sailing and other types of water sports. You can also rent a bicycle and go to the bikini beach or take long rides around the island.

During the night, various musicals and local acts are performed, with typical dances in the Maldives such as the Bodu Beru.

Snorkel con Tiburon Ballena

Alif Alif Atoll is one of the best places to spot whale sharks. The sightings are excellent year-round with a peak time from August to November.

Snorkel con Mantas

Snorkelling with Manta Rays is an unforgettable experience.There are different areas where you have a great opportunity to spot these magnificent and friendly animals. All three places are near Thoddoo island.

Sand Bank Thoddoo

Near Rasdhoo Island, approximately 20 minutes by boat, you can visit an incredible sandbar and immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters that surround it.

Isla Thoddoo

Thoddoo is famous for its fruits and vegetables. On this tour you will be able to observe how the local farmers of the island carry out their daily tasks to produce the best fruits and vegetables in the Maldives.

Rent a Bike

Renting a bike at Thoddoo is the best way to explore the entire Island.

Snorkel con Tortugas Thoddoo

Snorkeling in Thoddoo house reef, is one of the activities that you cannot miss, since you will have the possibility of seeing turtles, colorful fish and many more.

Pesca en Thoddoo

Have you ever fished alone? You can choose big fishing, fishing for predators from a moving boat, or fishing at sunset more calmly.


Island Hoping

Boat trip to the Picnic island near Rasdhoo. Enjoy silence of a lonely sandbank, relax and feel free. Enjoy feeding of fish in lagoons. And let´s have a look how other Maldivian islands look like! Rasdhoo is an inhabited island of the Maldives. It is also the capital of the Alif Alif Atoll administrative division.

Diving en Maldivas

Diving in thoddoo island is something you will do when visiting thoddoo to discover a wonderful underwater life in the Alif Alif Atoll.