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The Maldives Islands have long been perceived as an exclusive and very expensive tourist destination. However, political changes have introduced another accommodation option, such as guest houses, known as Guest Houses or Bed & Breakfast. This has provided an opportunity to offer a hosting service at an affordable price, to all types of clients. Our reservation center has this type of accommodation around the entire Maldives archipelago.

Our mission is to be able to spread to all our clients, the possibility of visiting the Maldives Islands with an accessible and reduced budget, offering a local experience and personalized advice of Maldivian origin.


Our vision is the “qualitative and quantitative” growth in relation to reserves in “local islands”, with the purpose of spreading our philosophy of accessible, economic and local tourism, in Maldivian islands.

Our values:

Integrity and Honesty.

Compromise and responsibility.

Discipline and Efficacy.


Steady improvement.

Quality of our services.

Customer experience.

Results orientation.


Collaboration and partnership.

Strengths of our company:

Native Owner and Acting Director of Maldivian origin.

Direct contacts and agreements with local owners.

Maldives Climatology: Favorable all year round.

Beaches and unique natural environment.

Destination solidly positioned in international markets.

Diversity and abundance of underwater life.

Great hospitality at local establishments.

High customer satisfaction.

Quiet and safe environment.

Great business participation in tourism.

High valuation of natural and environmental quality as a product.

Low-cost transport and accommodation boom.

Awareness and support from everyone to help minimize environmental risks.

Improvement of infrastructures and services (water treatment plants, containers, etc.).