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The Maldives offers a business environment conducive to foreign investment, within a free commercial market, a strong private business sector, an educated young population focused on tourism and a modern tax system supported by adequate national legal legislation for foreign investments.

The Maldive Islands have a suitable legislation to attract foreign capital, thanks to a series of tax incentives. It is characterized as one of the most paradisiacal areas in the world, and is made up of more than 2,000 small islands and an ideal destination for a dream vacation. But it is also a perfect destination for investment by companies and individuals. The Maldives Islands have established themselves in recent decades as an increasingly demanded place as an investment destination, promoted by fully legal tax incentives promoted by their own Maldivian legislation.


There are various tax incentives that make the Maldives Islands one of the most recognized offshore jurisdictions worldwide, such as:

– Exemption from taxes on income, property, corporate taxes

– Tax exemption on import of raw materials

– Possibility of creating a company with 100% foreign money

– No restrictions on currency exchange

– Advantageous long-term leases for large-scale projects

– Freedom to repatriate profits and capital gains

– Freedom to employ foreign managers and unskilled technicians


For the investment of a company in the Maldives, as a vehicle to enjoy these tax incentives, they can be of two types:

Private Company Limited by Shares: It is created with a minimum of two shareholders and a maximum of 50. On this occasion, a minimum of two directors must be appointed to manage the company and one of them must be a resident of the jurisdiction. They must also have a secretary and annual accounts must be submitted.

Public Company Limited by Shares: Requires a minimum of 10 shareholders and the shares can be freely offered to the public, unlike the previous one. In this, a minimum of 5 managing directors of the company and a secretary must be assigned.

At Local Paradise Maldives we advise you on the investment of foreign companies in the Maldives. We offer different types of investments, at a private or business level. All our operations are supported by legal and official advice from investment companies in the Maldives.

In compliance with the regulations on the Prevention of Money Laundering, Local Paradise Maldives will request information and supporting documentation of the funds that are intended to be invested in each operation managed by our company.

Inversiones en Maldivas
Inversiones en Maldivas

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