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Fulidhoo is located on Vaavu Atoll, the least populated atoll in the Maldives. Offers really amazing diving and an authentic Maldivian atmosphere. With only five populated islands, this atoll embodies tranquility and tradition, with an devotion of fishing and music. Being the least commercialized atoll in the Maldives, the beaches are usually very quiet and give you a feeling of absolute peace throughout the island.


Fulidhoo is one of the islands of the Vaavu Atoll, located in the Laccadive Sea. The island is located 55.7 km (35 miles; 30 nautical miles) south of the country’s capital, Malé. It is 0.675 km long and 0.200 km wide, with an approximate population of 400 inhabitants. This island is very special, as it belongs to a beautiful lagoon with wonderful marine life around it.

Vaavu is the smallest of all the atolls in terms of population density. Its low population level has contributed to the preservation of its deserted white sand beaches and impressive natural landscapes. Even among the Maldives, difficult to impress with turquoise images of paradise, these islands are famous for their lush natural beauty.


Ubicación Fulidhoo
Isla Fulidhoo


Fulidhoo has two tourist beaches that are located at the western ends. The main bikini beach is really impressive, from the first contact, with fine white sand and turquoise blue waters. There are places with natural shade and some comfortable loungers on the beach. Absolute naturalness, peace and tranquility are breathed throughout the island. There are no cars or motorcycles and they use a bicycle or electric buggy as a means of transport.

The main economic activity of Fulidhoo Island is fishing and it is characterized by being located in one of the most famous atolls for its exuberant marine fauna. Small in size and population, Fulidhoo is home to a crystal-clear lagoon in the east of the island and an impressive reef to the west. At dawn, the fishermen set sail and during the day the locals prefer to relax in the shade or swing on the Maldives swings. At sunset, both locals and tourists delight the sunset on the bikini beach, with hundreds of crabs running on the sand.

Fulidhoo Island
Fulidhoo Beach
Fulidhoo Beach


The island is also famous for the «Langiri» events – a traditional dance with drums and tambourines, which is a cultural landmark of the island. Explorering the island does not take you much time. Despite its tiny size, there are a mosque, a school, a medical center, a public council, a pharmacy, and a number of minimarts selling snacks and essentials on Fulidhoo. Oriented strictly from west to east, the island has a main street that cuts through the sandy strip of the center of Fulidhoo. Along this street you will find a number of souvenir shops and they usually trade twice a week when visitors come from neighboring resorts on the island for excursions. Since English is the second language in the Maldives, most sellers and islanders can communicate in English, especially the younger generations

Mosque at Fulidhoo
Diving center at Fulidhoo
School at Fulidhoo
Shop at Fulidhoo


Fulidhoo and its surroundings offer an underwater beauty, in a particular way and different from the rest of Atolls. The main aquatic activities include diving, swimming with sharks, swimming with dolphins, mantas, whale sharks, eagel ray, sting ray, ship wreck and sandbank excursion, etc. This island also stands out for offering nearby reef coral, totally natural and alive, offering a variety of marine species.

The least populated atoll in the Maldives, Vaavu Atoll offers truly incredible diving and an authentic Maldivian atmosphere. The beaches are often quiet and dive sites for divers looking for a perfect experience. In fact, Vaavu delivers some of the best channel diving in the Maldives and one of its most exciting night dives with dozens of blacktips, nurse sharks and whiptail rays.

Kayak en Fulidhoo

Rent a kayak and get on a paddle board to explore the calm lagoon around Fulidhoo Island. Spot out for rays, reef fish and enjoy peace and tranquillity. Sunset kayak and paddle is one of favourites water sport .


Diving en Fulidhoo

For those looking for amazing diving in Maldives, The Vaavu Atoll is like heaven. Many channels conncet the center of the Atoll with the big blue ocean. The marine life in Vaavu Atoll is like nowhere else. Scuba diving in Fulidhoo will exceed all your expectations.

Snorkel en Fulidhoo

Fulidhoo Island is home to many world-class diving spots and for snorkelling there are great reef gardens just off the coast.

Banana en Fulidhoo

Banana boat ride with your friends and family and enjoy the exhilarating speed and warm waters of the clear blue sea whizzing by underneath you.

Wakeboard en Fulidhoo

If you want to release real adrenaline and discover what it feels like to ski in an environment other than snow, you will love wakeboarding in Fulidhoo.

Sand bank Fulidhoo

Only 20 minute boat ride away from Fulidhoo for a gorgeous and pristine sand bank. A perfect spot for a swim or to kick back and relax.

Manta Snorkel Fulidhoo

Famous for manta rays, there are of course certain Atolls/islands you can visit to assure more sightings and Fulidhoo is one of them.

Stingray Feeding Fulidhoo

On the shore of  Fulidhoo beach, you will be able to see this marine species very close and feed directly.

Ship Wreak Fulidhoo

The shipwreck at Vaavu Atoll Maldives is puzzling. Shows a sense of tragedy, mystery and beauty. It is speculated that it is a ship from Indonesia and is one of the most striking places in Maldives.

Nadar con Delfines en Fulidhoo

Near the island of Fulidhoo there is a lagoon where dolphins are constantly housed. You can swim very close to them and even hear their sounds under water.

Snorkel con Tiburones

Swimming with nurse sharks is an adrenaline-filled experience and one of the most exciting activities on your visit to Fulidhoo.

Snorkel con Tortugas

The island of Fulidhoo offers multiple areas where turtles live and you can swim and observe closely.